Opening hours

Mon - Thu 13-20 Fri 11-18 Sat - Sun 11-17 Morning swimming Tuesdays and Thursdays 6-8


Swimming hall

Our fully refurbished swimming hall has six pools, water massage units, a water slide and five saunas.

  • Big pool: four tracks of 25 m, depth 1,3 – 2 m (27 C⁰)
  • Children’s pool: depth 0,3 – 0,6 m (30 C⁰)
  • Therapy pool with water massage units: depth 1,15 m – 1,3 m (30 C⁰)
  • Whirlpool bath (32 C⁰)
  • Learner’s pool (32 C⁰)
  • Cold water pool (7 C⁰)


Our modern gym features TechnoGym workout equipment and a possibility to practice with free weights. For the warm up and for an aerobic practice we have a rowing machine, an exercise bike, a wattbike and treadmill.


Our cafeteria serves delicious salads, snacks, sweets and refreshments.

The cafeteria is open according to the office hours of the swimming pool.

Multifuncion hall

The multifuncion hall is suitable for lecture events and gymnastic groups. For the bookings, please call +358 40 751 8262

Conference room

The conference room is suitable for 20 persons. For the bookings,
please call +358 40 751 8262